Why join Vintageist?

Vintageist is a social media platform and marketplace built specifically for the vintage community.

We offer the vintage enthusiast a platform geared specifically for the vintage niche market. Tiki, Mid Century Modern, Fashion, Post War Era & Oddities are all welcome here.

Social Media Influencers, Bands, Services, Events, Artists, Products and Vintage trading are all welcome at Vintageist.

Tired of searching for your friend or brand or band’s latest post? At Vintageist,
we don’t edit your feed! You can enjoy a platform that is organic and in real time.

Want to sell prints, products or services to just the vintage crowd? Open a shop in our Marketplace. Coming soon!

Have an event coming up and you can’t seem to reach your target market? List your event at Vintageist for free!

You can also start a group for anything related to vintage – from pyrex to taxidermy.

Membership fees are FREE for the first 3 months for the first 200 members, and then $3/month. You can cancel anytime.

With a paid membership, you get:

  • Chronological feed
    We do not edit your feed! You will see everything in order, when it’s posted! No more searching to find the latest post from your favorite vintage seller or friend.
  • We do not sell your information – EVER!
    Since this is a paid service, we do not need to rely on selling customer information to generate revenue. Your information is safe and secure on our servers.
  • Marketplace to buy and sell – Coming soon!
    Do you sell vintage, vintage inspired or handmade items? Open your own store in the marketplace!
  • Groups
    Start a group for anything vintage related! Collect vintage hats or mourning jewelry? Start a group to share your love for anything you collect, your band, your business, art or anything vintage related on Vintageist.
  • Events
    Have a show coming up for your surf band? Or are you planning a vintage market in your town? Create an event to collect RSVPs and share with your friends on your feed!
  • Check into your favorite place!
    Love the new tiki bar down the street?  Check in and share it with your friends on your feed.
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